Rufus: Just Saying- Cat Myths

Rufus: Just Saying- Cat Myths 
2 November 2014

The Mom People is busy doing something called NaNoWriMo ( , so I volunteered to write a completely impartial assessment of CATS! 

I live with one. Sort of. The CAT, aka NikkiCat, lives upstairs, and I live downstairs in the Man Cave with The Dad People. While I’m really curious about all the “NO!” stuff upstairs, I like The Dad People and my space. We have the biggest TV, with plenty of sports always on. I have my food, cookies, toys, sleeping crate, the couch that the Dad People and I watch TV from. The chair I’m not supposed to chew on. Our Stuff. 

The CAT lives upstairs in NO! Land, where you’re not allowed to get on the furniture, pee on anything, hide your chewed up toys, and the TV only has sports on it sometimes. And most importantly the peanut butter cookies do not live upstairs. 

I can see The CAT when I go up the stairs and peer through the french door. And he can see me. He walks back and forth and gives me that , HAH! look. And of COURSE I bark at him. The Dad People shouldn’t get upset at ME! The CAT started it. 

This morning I saw this article 10 Cat Behavior Myths That Cause Problems, at Myths? Not hardly.

1. Cats are solitary animals and like to be home alone.
Not a myth. Sorry, article people, they do like alone time, a lot. How else can they sneak in the chipmunks they catch? And the other nefarious things I KNOW The CAT is doing. 

2. Cat litterbox issues are always a behavior problem and can‘t be fixed.
What’s a litter box? 

3. Cats scratch because they are mean.
Well, duh. 

4. Cats will suck the life out of a newborn baby.
Yuck! Pretty sure that’s true. Just look at the sneaky way The CAT pads around. I know he’s up to stuff. 

5. Cats never need special playtime — they entertain themselves.
Figures. Probably why the TV upstairs is never on sports. The CAT is watching HGTV or doing something BAD that I’ll probably get blamed for. 
Like this. The Mom People took this photo of a neighbor cat sneaking up from behind to  steal the patrol car!  Notice the cat’s camouflage, white and black to look like sky and shadows! 

Cat Burglar! (sneaking through the grass behind the car!)
6. Cats never get along with other cats.
I don’t buy this one. I think The CAT would love to recruit a whole pride to take over the house and eat my cookies. Of course there is the neighbor cat The CAT gets all wound up about. Chases off. Hmmm. Maybe I need to make friends with that cat.

7. Cats who claw furniture have behavior issues.
Well, it isn’t me. I’m downstairs behaving myself, mostly. So, duh! 

8. Cats always freak out at the vet‘s office, and there is nothing you can do.
Well, obvious solution. Take The CAT to the Vet’s daily. :) 

9. Kittens and cats raise themselves and don‘t need training.
Just like Satan. 

10. Cat meows don‘t mean anything and can be ignored.
Oh, boy. No WAY! I know exactly what The CAT is saying when he goes OWT and sits outside my sliding glass door. He’s mocking me! It’s his fault I bark back. The Dad People should get over to the door faster and see. It’s not my fault. If someone called you a fleabag who couldn’t catch a chipmunk if it was already dead… You’d bark too. 

Rufus: Just saying. And very excited that we had a bit of snow yesterday out where The People and I walk each morning! I LOVE SNOW! 


  1. Rufus, you are obviously as intelligent as you are handsome,

    1. Why thank you, ma'am. The People Mom reads your blog, and I must say you have a handsome pack of dogs and cats!

  2. Willa would get a crush on Rufus,

    1. Rufus would like to invite Willa over Anytime. :)


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