Rufus: Just Saying: Cat Lady Cool

Rufus: Just Saying: Cat Lady Cool
21 November 2014  

Guest blogger: NikkiCat

Hello. I’m NikkiCat, Rufus’s housemate. The MomSerf is still Nano-ing, and Rufus completely lost it when it turned COLD, and we got  a dusting of snow this week. He’s a dog on the run, chasing everything and barking at who knows what. So busy, that he asked me to Guest Blog. 
Frozen Fountain Turtle. Baby it’s COLD! 

So to start I’ve done a little redesign: a new more accurate photo of Rufus. (Dogs are so vain!) And of course, I’ve added my blogger photo. (Yes. I knew that hidden camera was there. You’ll note I gave it my best inscrutable look. )

So for today’s exceptional blog, I am visiting the blessings of being a Cat Lady. MomSerf was reading this article on ( )while I supervised her computer usage. (She was supposed to be Nano-writing, and it cost her five dehydrated chicken treats to keep me quiet about her playing hooky.) 

 Needless to say, serfs/people do not get everything right. But I do. So here’s the real deal on why being a Cat Lady is very Cool. 

While the article mentioned wearing Fancy People Clothes with cat images on them, let’s be realistic. There is nothing more cool than having a cat in your arms. No embroidered cat faces, just the real thing. If your cat has better things to do, probably, the cat fur on your black shirt will have to do. Since every cat leaves different fur, you serfs have instant Designer Cat clothing. 

Fancy Cat Home Design. Okay, so you people/serfs may supply fancy litter boxes and shelving, scratch toys, etc., but it’s not necessary. What says Designer Cat Home better than chairs with pillows and blankets soft enough for a cat to curl up in, or the requisite cat fur of approval on same chairs? Add dining chairs deep enough that a Cat can sit behind a serf and get his fair share of the goodies. And of course if you’re a writer-serf,  supple a desk cleared of enough of that paper stuff (that perpetually needs shuffling and pushing off,) so that a Cat can repose and fulfill Muse duties. 

Cats are cool because celebrities love us? Really? That’s come kind of people joke, right? It's the other way around, and besides No One is more famous than Garfield, or Morris, or me. 

Hero Cats. Well, duh. Who are you going to believe if the house is on fire? The dawg who barks if a chipmunk farts outside the window, or the Cat? Yeah. I thought so. If I give you a paw to the nose and yowl at you, grab me and run. The dawg has a key to the back door. Trust me, he’ll find his way out. 

Big head butts and side rubs, 

[All photos used in are the sole property of Kath Marsh. Not to be reprinted. ]


  1. This blog has gone to the dogs--and cats. Good post, Nikkcat!

    1. You are so right. I understand Rufus and NikkiCat are working on a co-posting for Thanksgiving.


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