Rufus (AND NikkiCat, and Kath) : Just Saying: Thanks Giving

Rufus (AND NikkiCat, and Kath) : Just Saying: Thanks Giving  
27 November 2014

Rufus- Thanksgiving day is here! Turkey! I love Turkeys! They run slower than chipmunks! But then they fly. That’s a flaw, as NikkiCat would say. I heard that DadPeople is cooking a turkey today. I didn’t see DadPeople catch one of the turkeys, but NikkiCat says the turkey came from the grocery store and was living in the refrigerator. Weird. But that’s where DadPeople keeps the bologna (I LOVE bologna!) and pupsicles! (I LOVE pupsicles!) If the turkey is as big as NikkiCat says, I figure there’ll be LOTS of leftovers. How much turkey can MomPeople and DadPeople eat? And NikkiCat doesn't like turkey. I LOVE Thanksgiving! 

NikkiCat- Sigh. Rufus chases everything. I have to admit I do like watching the jakes run and fly into the trees with Rufus barking his head off.  I don’t fly, so I don’t chase turkeys. Duh! Like Rufus said, there’s a turkey in the refrigerator. The DadSerf has the turkey situation under control.

Anyway, I am going to take Rufus aside and explain what Thanksgiving is really about. It’s about MomSerf taking care of me, buying me treats, lots of food, making several cozy nests for me, hugging me even if it’s not dignified. And the same goes for Rufus. 

Rufus- NikkiCat didn’t give me a chance. I LOVE my DadPeople! And MomPeople is a CookieMomster! (She makes sure I have a cookie after our walks.) I’d lost my home when I met Mom and DadPeople. And now I have my very own DadPeople, lots of home, lots of treats, toys, walks at the pond, play outside with DadPeople, turkeys to chase, and chipmunks to bark at. Life is Good!

Kath- I’m grateful for all of my family, for the blessing of having a cozy home and food for this feast day, for the privilege of being a citizen of the USA. For Rufus and NikkiCat taking over the blog while I work on a new writing project. Although I have a suspicion that they are enjoying their platform, and I may not get the blog back any time soon. 

Ah. NikkiCat suggest that I list all that I’m grateful for with regard to him and Rufus. Fine. I’m grateful for the daily walks with Rufus that get us outdoors to enjoy the world and of course exercise. I am grateful that NikkiCat offers, in the true spirit of self sacrifice, to eat my crackers and cheese to save me from the fattening calories. (Rufus reminds me that he will gladly help with ANYTHING I am eating.) 

I am grateful for NikkiCat’s company while I work at the computer. Although I definitely made a mistake buying him the black-cat-on-black-rug because he melds into it, and I cannot see him. Which means sometimes poor NikkiCat gets stepped on. Which results in distribution of treats to make up for the mistreatment. 

I’m thankful that Rufus is a true football fan and only too happy to watch game after game with TPC. And that Rufus has taught TPC to play frisbees. Good exercise for both of them.

I’m grateful that NikkiCat and Rufus do their best to roust the chipmunks. Those little rodents may look cute and all, but they’re burrowing under our house like they’re digging a sinkhole to swallow us all up, especially NikkiCat and Rufus. 

I’m grateful for the attention NikkiCAt gives me, even if I can really truly honest to pete handle everything on my own in the restroom. After all, I don’t crowd into the litter box when he’s ‘Occupado’. 

I’m thankful that NikkiCat’s pregnant mom found us. 

I’m thankful to the %$%%^ who abandoned Rufus so that we could adopt each other. 

I’m thankful to you, dear reader, for giving me the privilege of your attention. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to Rufus and Nikkicat! Oh, to Kath and Jim too! :)

  2. Oh, I'll bet there was some begging going on! Our pack was thrilled to receive a bit of turkey each--


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