Rufus’ View: Living with The People

 Rufus’ View:  Living with The People
25 October 2014

A year ago I found The People, my family. Before I adopted them, I lived in a pack of Hunting Dogs, not inside with humans. I didn’t have a lot of rules. Boy are there a lot of rules now. 

Did you know you are NOT supposed to poop on The Mom People’s dining room rug? Trust me. That’s a big NO!!! That causes The Mom People to get more than high-pitched. Hurts the ears. 

Similarly you are NOT supposed to pee on furniture, walls, and doorways in the Man Cave and downstairs basement The Dad People and I hang out in. Who knew? 

Things to NOT Chew: pillows and blankets in the sleeping crate; pillows on the couch; shoes by the back door; fishing equipment; furniture. 
Pillow #3- down to brown stuffing.

When I finished pillow number three, The Mom People bought painter’s cloth at the hardware store and sewed up two new pillows stuffing them with all the bits I worked so hard to shred. Pretty good. 

But still, Chewing stuff, except TOYS, is one of those NO’s. 

TOYS! I had never seen a ‘toy’ before The People. Balls, frisbees, chewy Nyla bones, squeaky toys, balls that hold ‘cookies’. COOKIES!!! Where were you all my life? I LOVE COOKIES!

Who knew there could be too many cookies? Last week Dr. S., the veterinarian, said I needed to lose weight. I’d done a Very good job of putting on weight in the last year, putting on thirty pounds. Dr. S. said ten pounds needed to come off, so just give me half-cookies. I’m a Big Fan of food. Half as many cookies is sad, but at least the cookies are still coming. 

Dr. S. didn’t say anything about ‘pupsicles’. Whew! The Dad People freezes broth, apple chunks, and peanut butter in ice cube trays. The ‘pupsicles’ live in the garage freezer. I LOVE the garage refrigerator! 

There has been a lot to learn with The People. Like I said, toys were Big News! I’m still not sure about balls, unless they have treats stuffed inside, or are those light ones with the big holes that are so good to chew. But Frisbees! Come on!!! At first I thought The People were just crazy throwing that disc and then running after it, throwing it, running… But one day at the dog park, I watched a Jack Russell in the Small Dogs pasture chase after, catch, and run back to his People with a frisbee. He was having FUN! 

So I went over to the frisbee in the Big Dogs pasture and picked it up. The Dad People threw it, and I chased it. Not to spoil him too much, I ran back with it, but not to him. I passed him so he would work with me on giving it back to him in our backyard. Throwing then me running, catching, bringing back. When I’ve worn The Dad People out, I tuck the frisbee behind the pampas grass. And we go “In” for cookies, cookie, half cookie. YUM!



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