Rufus Tale: Working Dawg and Pride Goeth Before Face Down on the Yoga Mat

Rufus Tale: Working Dawg and Pride Goeth Before Face Down on the Yoga Mat
12 September 2014

The Prince Consort and I go twice weekly for a cardio+ exercise class at the YMCA. The instructor suggested some of the class might be interested in adding a more challenging level. So after the Tuesday class there would be an extra thirty minutes at a higher level. Oh, Boy! I am keeping up pretty well in the regular class, so I was all for this new challenge. 

Yipes! I thought I was Hot Stuff until it came time to do push-ups. The Cheezits and Cherry Coke have made me more than a little fluffy. Pushing that fluffiness up off the yoga mat was more than my arms could do. I collapsed on my face, and the lady behind me collapsed in hysterical laugher. 

Am I going back to the challenge class? You BET! I’m going to get to the level where I can push this hopefully by that time not as fluffy body up off the yoga mat. The lady behind me will have to settle for laughing at my sorry attempts at Downward Facing Dog. 

Speaking of Dawgs. Rufushound had a busy week. Not all of his work was appreciated, like when he finished off his fourth sleeping pillow on Monday. As far as we can tell he doesn’t actually swallow any of the fabric or stuffing. But he does spread the dissected evil pillow all around. He only does this during the day, so sleeping pillows will have to be rationed out, only appearing at night time. Knock on wood. 

 He looks innocent, but he’s covering up the terminated pillow.  

Appreciated Work: TPC is one smart dude. Rufus is rambunctious, full of energy, willing to dig and terminate anything. And he loves to hide his toys. Outside he’ll hide them while TPC is busy with yard work. Since TPC has started a clear-the- underbrush project in the back woods, he could use some help pulling up weeds. So he put Rufus to work. TPC hides Rufus’s toys in a patch of weeds, Rufus dig, dig, digs the weeds out of the ground to recover his frisbee. Voila’ the Dawg is a Working Dawg. And this time he gets a cookie for it!  

Kath who does not need cookies. Really does not need cookies. 


  1. Rufus is so handsome -- I'd give him two cookies.

    1. And I do. And he's talked TPC into FOUR meals a day!


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