Dumb Bunny- For Sale or Trade?

Dumb Bunny- For Sale or Trade? 
25 September 2014

I am pea green with envy. Someone in my neighborhood beat me to it. A For Sale sign appeared on the Sheriff’s car parked on the hill at our subdivision entrance. This patrol car is obviously abandoned since it’s been parked in our subdivision, empty, for more than a month.

Yesterday the car moved from its summer residence by the pool, back to the hill where it originally squatted. It’s still empty like some kind of yard art.  This morning one of my VERY clever neighbors finally put a For Sale sign on it. As an extra stroke of genius the car’s sale price is the same as the cost of the worthless lot the Homeowners’ Board secretly bought to many residents’ chagrin.

 The lot- $67,000. The cost to own this unused Sheriff’s car- $67, 000. Or maybe we could trade it for something even more worthless. Any suggestions?  

Kath who is so proud of this anonymous ingenious neighbor!!!!
Sadly, by noon the For Sale sign was gone, along with free speech. 


  1. How great that you got a picture! Now you have to acquire one of those pizza delivery thingies and put it on the roof.. . .

    1. OOOH!!! Perfect. We are too far from a town to get pizza delivery in our subdivision. That could be a real winner!!!


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