Random Snarks

Random Snarks
14 August 2014

We were shopping for a supply of cheap frisbees (Rufus, our American Foxhound, has about finished his present frisbee. Apparently they are delicious.) when I spotted this little item for sale. All that was missing was:

At the beginning of the week, we were at our favorite county park and found these formulas with the outline of a body left over from a weekend birthday party in the pavilion. Question: is this evidence that the young party guests elaborately planned/ or are planning a murder and left behind a chalk outline of the body? 
Or:  is there a budding Dr. Frankenstein in the area? The plans are made but there is a little left over to fill in on that Frankenstein’s monster, huh? 


I grew up being told it was disrespectful to use the ‘abbreviation’ Xmas for Christmas. I should have known better. After all, I learned the Greek alphabet earlier in my college career than I learned anything else. (The threat of a snarky sorority sister wanting the Greek alphabet recited FAST is much more frightening than a disappointed professor.)  But today in the “Garner’s Usage Tip of the Day” here was the truth, simple and logical. 

This abbreviation for Christmas is popular in advertising. The prejudice against it is unfounded and unfortunate. 

The X is not a Roman X but a Greek chi -- the first letter in "Christ" (Gk. "Christos"). “ 

Well, knowledge is the light of life, but the mysteries around us are the pleasures. 

Kath : alpha, beta, gamma, delta …


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