Labor Day Deco, Not Stalkers, Dragon, Wild Fire Contest Coming

Labor Day Deco, Not Stalkers, Dragon, Wild Fire Contest Coming
29 August 2014

Lone Ranger: 
First: the empty Sheriff’s Car is still living near our community pool. I’ve named him Lone Ranger. I’m beginning to feel sorry for LR sitting all alone on the grass, doing nothing. The Prince Consort suggested that as Labor Day is this coming Monday, Lone Ranger needs decorations for the holiday. Maybe some red, white, and blue bunting on his grill?  Sounds festive.  

Not Stalking: 
I planned to have a new funny photo for this blog, but my inability to work my phone’s camera stood in the way. On Wednesday, I noticed the neat little house with the beautiful chickens and the two Great Pyrenees pups in the fenced yard had something different going on. The chickens were standing on the front porch, peering in the storm door. What a great image! But I didn’t have my phone camera out in time.

So the next day when we drove by the house, I was ready. We stopped in front, and I tried to get a photo. But as easy as it is to get photos of myself when I don’t want to, I couldn’t get the phone to take a photo of the house and the two chickens peering in the door. I tried; The Prince Consort got antsy about oncoming traffic; Rufus, our hound, started to bark; the white Great Pyrenees pup in yard started to bark.  We had to drive away before the homeowners called the police about the suspicious people stopped outside their house. Sigh. 

Love almost everything Dragon except: 
I found this photo in a catalog. While I’m a sucker for dragons and dragon paraphernalia, I’m not so sure about this one. I mean, really? Anatomically Where is the lemonade coming out of the dragon? 

And the best for last. Next Friday I’m part of a blog contest celebrating Ally Shields’ release of Book 6 of the Guardian Witch series, Wild Fire .  To win the prize you have to collect the clues at an assortment of websites. Clue 7 is only on my blogsite, on Sept. 5! 

Kath who is going to try for that chickens at the door photo one more time. Hopefully the next blog will not be posted from jail where I’m being held for stalking. 


  1. Yeah, the dragon dispenser does raise a troubling question.

  2. Indeed. You have to wonder if the stylist picked orange juice/lemonade on purpose.


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