Dumb Bunny Idea

Dumb Bunny Idea 
20 August 2014
This is a Dumb Bunny Idea at its finest. 
Some residents of my subdivision complained to the county sheriff about speeders. His solution: park an unoccupied county sheriff’s car on the hill at the front of the subdivision. 
Seriously. It took me one long look to establish that the car was empty. And predictably after ten days it hasn’t slowed down a single resident.  


I have my own Exceptional Not Dumb Bunny idea to get it moved:
1) Lost and Found posting in the local paper and online: 

“Found: one county sheriff’s car. Excellent condition. Appeared about ten days ago parked on this hill at the entrance to our subdivision. If not claimed soon, will be put up for sale to the highest bidder.” 

2) Put a For Sale sign on the car’s windshield. It is common in this part of the country to park a car on vacant land and put a for sale sign on it. Question: should the For Sale sign’s phone number be the county sheriff’s or since the car’s been abandoned, should the subdivision get the proceeds of the sale? 

3) Make sure the Dumb Bunny who came up with this idea does not get re-elected. And bill him for the extra mowing around this obstacle.  

Frankly if our subdivision is going to allow cars to be left on the hill at our  entrance, I’d like this one to show up for sale. 


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