Dumb Bunny Hop

Dumb Bunny Hop
21 August 2014 

The Sheriff's car has been moved! 

To an even Dumber Bunnier location. Yesterday the still vacant sheriff’s car made its way to a slightly hidden location ( as The Prince Consort pointed out) to within a few yards of the sole speed bump and speed bump warning sign in the subdivision. Since drivers already slow for the speed bump, this is also the only stretch of our roads guaranteed to NOT be part of the speeding problem. Uh HUH. Good idea! 


Naturally I have a new suggestion for a sign to place on its windshield since the car has hopped deeper into our subdivision and farther away from the sheriff’s office: 
“HELP! I’m lost. Call the police!” 

If it’s not going anywhere, couldn’t they at least hang a sheriff’s ‘hat’ on the headrest? Or wait, we could make a seasonal scarecrow to sit in the empty driver’s seat. A bunny for Easter. A santa for Christmas. Uncle Sam for July Fourth. 

As we drove up to the new location (doing the speed limit) on our way to walk Rufus at the pond, I suggested we pull over and get a souvenir photo of the Sheriff’s car and our Foxhound. The Prince Consort had a much better suggestion:

First we need to get a life-sized sheriff photo mounted on sturdy cardboard with a circle cut out where the face would be. Then anyone in the neighborhood can stand beside the sheriff’s car, stick their face through the photo’s face cut-out, and have their photo taken as a ‘sheriff’. Even our Rufus. 

After his muddy run out at the pond, Rufus washes up for his sheriff car photo. 

 (No. TPC would not slow down and let me get the photo. Sigh) 



  1. Oh, you're full of good ideas, you are!

    1. And if I knew there was no camera in the car, I'd implement all of them.


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