Almost in the Dog House

Almost In the Dog House
7 August 2014

Ten months ago Rufus was an abandoned hound who found us when we arrived one morning to walk at White Hall Pond. We became a Forever Family on the spot. Love at first sight. Just as it was Love at First Sight when The Prince Consort and I met in college. Not that I believed in such a thing at the time, but it’s struck three times now. The Prince Consort, Professor Daughter at her birth, and now Rufus. 

Rufus came into our family having never lived inside with humans. He didn’t know all the protocols (pooping on the dining room rug  and peeing on anything that stood still were not on the Good Boy list.) he had no clue what to do with toys, “sit, stay, and come” were in a foreign tongue, and “cookies” were a revelation. Ten months later, he’s quite the spoiled Forever Hound. 

After his play yard was built, The Prince Consort would not rest until Rufus had his own custom dog house. So TPC got plans off the internet and built one. A dog house is also a first for Rufus. He will go in, but only if a cookie has been thrown to the back inside. And of course he’ll bring the cookie back out to eat. We’ll work on this. 

Of course TPC’s little prince is not going to live outside in his house in his yard. The Yard and House are for leaving Rufus ‘OWT’ when we are busy outside, or need to leave the house for more than a couple of hours. No, he’s not spoiled. 

Just as years ago TPC turned our first house’s gravel front yard into a Japanese garden, he’s made a very special abode for The Rufus.  

I looked away for three seconds and Rufus was wearing the white paint on his back.  

Checking for cookies.

Almost finished.

TA DA!! Just waiting for the name plate: RUFUS! 
Kath: who could use a little cottage like this for an office? 


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    1. Sweet dog, except for his 'potty mouth'. (He eats deer poop.)


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