No Amount of Duct Tape

No Amount of Duct Tape 
26 July 2014

We finally had Rufus Hound’s play yard built. No amount of duct tape and our limited DIY skills would have sufficed. So we got professional help. 

Here is the backyard. The old latticework was a DIY project The Prince Charming and I did a few years back. It was ready to be replaced.
The lumber had been delivered, and Rufus Hound and Mr. Hosenose Rainbarrel were ready for the new play yard.

TPC and I painted and stained the fence lumber and the new latticework. 

A few days later the crew arrived and set the fence poles. Rufus took a break from barking at the crew, from inside the house, to inspect with TPC. 

In a few days the fence and lattice work were done. All that remained was painting and wrapping the gate in wire. Rufus and TPC took on the challenge.  

Things would have gone a little quicker had Rufus not taken a shine to the wire clippers and made off with them. 

The Rufus Yard is done. Mr. Hosenose Rainbarrel is happy with the spiffy new latticework, and getting back the short piece of hose that Rufus had appropriated for a chew toy during construction. 

Kath: who would like Samsung to know that no amount of duct tape will ever make me buy another Samsung product, of any kind. 35 days dragged by as I called and begged Samsung with no results until I finally got tough and said this was not good enough. Then they finally sent the needed refrigerator part to the local Samsung repair techs. That’s NOT Customer Service.  


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