Duct Tape III: Traveling Well

Duct Tape III: Traveling Well 
3 July 2014

Annette, a Navy wife of a retired surgeon, told me about a very moving use of duct tape. She included it in care packages sent to our troops overseas. 

Annette wrote:
“They do make a red kind of duct tape at Christmas time; it might not be plaid but does have little green trees on it. I send the fashion duct tape in care packages every year, and I have heard over and over in the thank you’s from our guys and gals deployed that the duct tape was the best gift!  A few M 'n M's from home or anything chocolate helps too.”

But duct tape doesn’t just travel well overseas. It’s been a tool for my friend Han Nolan  http://www.hannolan.com (author of books so good Mark Twain would invite her to dinner. That’s my highest compliment and fondest aspiration.) 

After seeing my fashionable gardening boots, Han wrote me:
“I use duct tape on top of my running shoes in the winter to keep my feet warm.  Works like a charm!  Duct tape is Da Bomb!”

Han runs marathons. I am in awe of her for that too. I power walk, but my toes get cold in the snow. Don’t tell my duct taped garden boots, but I can’t really get a good walking  rhythm in boots. I had to know more. Han sent me to a photo of her duct taped running shoes/ outfit.

Han said, 
“That's the one.  I was wearing this fetching outfit when I ran past the college and heard this girl laughing at me.  I wondered why and then I looked down at myself and howled.  I did look a sight.  My daughter says it's the baggy tights that really does it.  The duct tape didn't help, or the boxing glove sized mittens , or the double hat layer. “

I couldn’t resist. I asked to use her photo and comments. 

Han continued,
“Sure, if you want to.  :-)  I continued running and cackling like a crazy person at the thought of myself.  The duct tape, being old, was flapping on my feet a bit but it still kept in the heat.

Well, I’ve seen the problem when duct tape starts flapping in the wind. Of course I’m pretty sure the donkey and horse in this corral probably back up to and hide the failing duct tape mend when the farmer comes to the corral. Did they unwind it for a ‘walk about’ plan?  

Kath who is looking for more duct tape stories. Will you send me yours? 


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