Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Me!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Me! 
4 June 2014

Fellow blogger and Author Ally Shields 
nominated me to participate in the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Thank you Ally. Love your books (especially Andreas!) , and love your blogs! 

The rules for this award are simple, except for the part where I have to use my brain. There’s always a catch. First I have to link to the person who awarded it to me. Got it. Please visit Ally’s blog at

Check. And now comes the hard thinking part: Seven things about myself. 

I love taking photographs. 
I love sunsets and sunrises. Whether from my home or where we travel.
Grand Canyon sunrise.

Sunrise at home.

Sunset at home. 

I’ve lived in eight states (including a truly haunted 1600’s farmhouse in Rhode Island) and one foreign country. And moved 27 times. But who hasn’t? 

I’ve written eight book manuscripts from Middle Grade to Adult reader. 
I’ve published two short stories and lots of essays in print periodicals. 

When our family did a Salmon River rafting trip, I was the only one who slept outdoors, unprotected by a tent. And the only one with mice prints all around her sleeping bag in the morning. I looked for mice prints on me, but … 

My favorite exercise is swimming, but power walking comes a close second. And reading beats both. How many calories can you burn turning a physical book’s pages versus a Kindle book? 

I’m a pack rat and have been since I was a toddler and swiped one of my mother’s high heels leaving a cookie in its place. The only difference now is that I wouldn’t sacrifice cookies for high heels. A book, sure, but not shoes. 

When I was nine I saw a scary clown face in the bathroom mirror. Decades later I saw it again after a Really bad, and last one ever, permanent. 

The Prince Consort and I were all set to go to Antarctica last December, but had to make a choice. The dice came up, open heart surgery for TPC. So I hope to reschedule, but maybe Ireland instead. Ancestral genes are calling, and I don’t mean penguins. Maybe Sidhe, but not … well maybe a DNA test is in order. 

When volunteering (cleaning out cages) at Alabama Wildlife Rescue, I fell in love with black vultures. They had me when they followed me around their big outdoor cage, stealing the trash bag if I let go, and untying my boots. A sense of humor is prime with me, bird or human. Which is why The Prince Consort is my HeartMate. He gets my humor, and laughs.  Poor man. 

And apparently I can’t count. That was nine?  or does this make ten? ARGH! 

I’m passing the award to these wonderful bloggers: 
Joan Broerman -
Connie Fleming -
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  1. Congratulations! Beautiful pictures and I love hearing that buzzards have a sense of humor.

  2. Oh, they do! They were the brightest of the raptors I cleaned up after! My favorite few minutes of the day to be in their outdoor cage. Unfortunately they were not releasable (which is the goal of AL Wildlife Rescue), so they had a forever home in a gorgeous park in a huge cage. Beloved by the whole staff.


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