Fish and Cut Bait

Fish and Cut Bait
12 June 2014

We went fishing. The Prince Consort caught and released baby fish. As Ally Shields posited, this was to teach them not to get caught when they got older.  Uh huh.

  It was a crazy weather day. Threatening to send down storms like the night before when trees were felled.  

Alternating by the minute with blue skies and fluffy  clouds.  

But most of the action was back at the docks with the Mallard mom and her ducklings. 
They came for their share of the bread we’d brought. And so did the carp. BIG CARP. 

Mom Mallard didn’t think much of this intruder. 
 She decided he had to GO! 

But this duckling had a different idea. Carp Surfing!  

Pops Mallard stayed out of the fray. He knew better than to cross Mom Mallard. 

Well, Pops Mallard was also with the one duckling who took off on his own. 

The ducklings. Mom, and Pops, and the carp all  got fed. TPC fished. And I cut bait-if bread is bait when you deliberately throw it to the ducks and the carp. 



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