Duct Tape II -Fashion Points Awards

Duct Tape II -Fashion Points Awards
28 June 2014

My father was a big believer in WD 40 and duct tape. He was right. Even if there were no designer duct tapes in his tool box. When I inherited a table from his family, I had no idea that his theory on duct tape had extended to furniture repair. Not until the mover delivering the table insisted I understand the movers did not break the leg. He pointed to the old duct tape securely holding the leg. 

I squandered money on a professional repair of the family antique, sans duct tape. Dad got points for secure repair, but unfortunately the plain gray tape got nothing for decorative effect. 

Points Awarded: Boots-5. . When my garden boots sprang a crack at the ankle, I fancied them up with camouflage duct tape and fixed the leak. Pretty good, huh?  

Duct Fashion Points: Leash-0. 
Rufus tried to eat his leash. He only made it through the outer braiding. The Prince Consort wrapped camouflage tape around the gnawed section. Had he found something in a red plaid, well, point value might have been 5 easily. 

While fashion points were 0, there are definitely utility points. As you can see the duct tape was an excellent repair option. The leash held, even though our hound was deadly intent on the raccoon who comes each morning to eat up the bird seed. 
This guy. 

Since Rufus did not break loose, and the raccoon is safe, the duct tape repair earns 10 points for effectiveness, if none for fashion. 

Kath who is wondering about fashion duct tape and facial wrinkle repair. 


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