Diets and Duct Tape

Diets and Duct Tape
20 june 2014

Once again, I’m back on the diet train. Well, I’m hanging onto a sidecar as the train chugs along. I fell off in December when I succumbed to the comfort of Cheezits and Cherry Coke the day The Prince Consort had quadruple bypass surgery. And since I cannot responsibly control Cheezits and Cherry Coke, it was months and pounds before I went cold turkey. I QUIT Cheezits. Again. Sigh. 

So here I am. The ‘muffin tops’ returned. This time even to fat pants. I’m back to water and unsweetened tea, and smaller portions. Most importantly TPC is feeling so well each morning we walk Rufus Hound at a brisk pace, and have added twice weekly exercise classes at the YMCA. YAY! I think the muffin tops are shrinking to mini muffins. 

But while I’m trying hard, Rufus Hound and NikkiCat have whole other ideas on Diet. Nikki feels that after a long winter, in which apparently the chipmunks did NOT watch TV or find any hobbies other than procreating, it is his responsibility to eat them all up. He prefers to bring them in the house and eat most of them in the back bedroom on the white carpeting. Thank you so much. 

NikkiCat is open to other foodstuffs, but he is dead on sure that TPC and I are crazy. We spent forty-five minutes yesterday finding the baby wren in the ivy after it fell out of the nest over the screened porch door. For some unfathomable reason to NikkiCat, we gently put the bird back in the nest. And repeated this re-stuffing back into the nest the next almost fledgling late in the afternoon. In NikkiCat’s estimation we wasted a couple of perfectly good hors d’oeuvres.

But he’s open to rodents other than tasty chipmunks. I was busily pounding on the laptops keys when I heard a skittering across the office’s wooden floors. By the time I got up to look, there was no one there. Later in the day we found the leftovers of a mouse in the back bedroom. 

Diets must vary, and Nikki does not spoil his appetite with Cherry Cokes. Although he is a BIG fan of Cheezits and in fact had a supply doled out to him daily long after I went cold turkey. Sigh. Not that the cat is spoiled. 

Apparently Rufus Hound is appreciative of the mouse diet. Before we could stop him, he snarfed up a flattened mouse on the walking path out at White Hall Pond. Best we can figure, the mouse fell out when the huge rolls of hay were trucked out of the fields around the pond.

I swear TPC and I spend more time picking out the most nutritious dry food for NikkiCat and Rufus, than we do on our own food. And why? Clearly road kill and slow rodents are all they want. ARGH! 

Duct tape tip: mending a corral fence with Duct Tape is not as good an idea as it seems. 


  1. Replies
    1. While the list of items not fixable with duct tape is short, never the less, fences are on the list.

  2. Good for you and TPC on the walking! Duct tape and WD 40 are our go to solutions for most problems around the farm.

    1. Thank you. Oh YES!!! I Believe in WD 40 and duct tape!!!


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