Better Fishermen

Better Fishermen
20 May 2014

We went to Live Oak Island to vacation because The Prince Consort loves fishing. He did catch fish. But he was surrounded by Much more successful fishermen.  

Like: This Great White Heron, t who fished the ‘beach’ at low tide around the dock TPC fished. 

Or: The Great Blue Heron  who fished under the docks. 

Or: Ray who circled the dock TPC fished from.  
Or: Bonnet head shark who circled the dock TPC fished off of.  
Or: These guys fishing each day at a point near the dock TPC fished from. 

Or: This dolphin  fishing to one side of TPC’s dock.

Or this osprey who is demonstrating for TPC what a ‘caught’ fish looks like.

Or: These white pelicans who float in an ‘island’ fishing as they float south of TPC’s dock.  

Or: This gator at Wakulla Springs. 

Or this laughing gull working St. George Island National Park beach. 

And then there was this pelican who landed right next to TPC, gave him his best  ‘hard look- give me a hand out!’ He left in a huff when he realized TPC was not catching anything. (He landed near a boat of fishermen reeling in … fish! 

Kath who is not a fisherman, but likes taking photos of them.  


  1. Wonderful pictures! I don't like fishing myself but sure enjoy being around the water. I love Wakulla Springs and the Florida Panhandle.

  2. thank you, Vicki. That is high praise indeed coming from you. Your photography on your blog sets the standard. Makes me dream of your mountains.

    Live Oak Island, where we leased the house, is in Wakulla county, so you can imagine how lovely!

    I only wish I'd gotten a photo of the bald eagle that flew over the dock several times!


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