Easy Blog Post?

Easy Blog Post? 
28 April 2014

My friend and critiquing partner, Janet L Buck (AKA Ally Shields Guardian Witch Series http://janetlbuck.com http://allyshields.com ) tagged me for this blog hop. Although I’m still working on getting my first book published, Jan believes I will. She’s teaching me to market. If I get half as good at it as she is, or a third as good at writing, I’ll … my head is exploding. I can’t think of how great! 
Anyway. I have four questions to answer and then three more ultra talented writers to send you on to.

Question #3- Why do I write what I do?
I blame it on my little sister. Eons ago when I first learned to hold a pencil and print, (and fell in love with all things stationery) I was inspired by her. Wrote my first story on lined notebook paper that our grandfather stapled into a book. I even illustrated it with the main character named for my little sister- The PB. The story was fantasy and humor. Fantasy and humor have been my modus operandi ever since. 
Question #4- How does my writing process work?
I’m mostly what is known as a panster. (That took some convincing to get Spell Check to let me write that word!) I write by the seat of my pants, stream of consciousness, whatever is inside comes out through the pencil, pen, or computer. Making an outline and refining the elements comes after the first draft. 
Or maybe you wanted to know what you’d see while I’m hard at work? Either scribbling down on a legal pad with mechanical pencil (I can no longer find #1 nice soft graphite pencils.) or rollerball pen. OR if I’m ready to move past brainstorming to letting the characters speak, I’m furiously typing at my laptop. While it sounds like I type really fast, if you subtract all the mis-spelled words I have to go back and rewrite, (the ones that look like this  $%#YJLM, because the cat passed through and yowled that the house is on fire, or should be since his bowl is empty, so I lost my finger placement on the keyboard) I’m not going a whole lot faster than scribbling on paper. Although my handwriting is a challenge to read, even for me. I honestly do not know what a ‘hromet’ was on the shopping list.  

Question #1- What am I working on? 
 A huge bag of sourdough chips I bought at the super store. Wait. You meant writing working? AH. I’m beginning a new Young Adult. The working title is A Menace of Dragons. Yep. An ‘urban’ fantasy with as much humor as I can stuff into it. 
Question #2-  How does my work differ from others in its genre?
Hopefully my humor makes the difference. It seems to me there is so much seriously depressing dystopia out there, I hope a book that makes you smile more than cry … 

Now on to the three fabulous authors I tag. 
Joan Broerman: ( http://joan-booklog.blogspot.com )  Whose reviews of children’s books make me wish I could stay awake 24/7 to read them all! 

Connie Fleming: ( http://theacceptablesin.blogspot.com/ ) Whose delightful blog both makes me smile if not laugh and think hard about how I take care of myself. Powerful stuff. 

Patricia Winton: (http://italianintrigues.blogspot.com )  Who can write about food, in Italy, and make me so hungry I could eat a snake. Gloriously done, of course. 



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