Some Like it Snowy

Some like it Snowy
5 March 2014

Seems like I’m living in my long johns. Last week’s soft snowfall gave way to a good six inches of serious snow this Monday. Rufus is ecstatic! Our yard is now Buffet Central for every hungry critter. The Prince Consort thinks we’re buying corn and sunflower seed every day. Maybe. 

The snow fell hard and on everyone. 

Rufus plowed snow. 

The sun came out.TPC and I plowed snow off our driveway for three hours to make sure TPC’s coffee order got delivered. 
Too many songbirds to count showed up for handouts. Usually the squirrels settle inside the feeder to sit and eat. A goldfinch perched on the edge, eyed all those seeds Inside. He flew in and ate while everybody else perched outside. 

Goldfinch inside feeder on the seeds. 

Today we got frozen fog. We had White Hall pond all to ourselves, just TPC, Rufus, and I. 

Kath who has had hot chocolate and feels all thawed out. 


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