Cold News is Good News

Cold News is Good News
26 March 2014

Rufus, our American Foxhound, is pleased to report that the weather guessers were indeed  correct about snow. I thought yesterday’s snow storm would pass north of us, but (no surprise) I was wrong.

 I should have known from the odd sunset we had the night before. Usually the sun goes down over the ridge in  layers of clouds and color, but this time there was just this glowing ball. 

It  snowed from pre-dawn until mid morning yesterday. So The Prince Consort, Rufus, and I hurried OWT to play ‘catch the snowball.’ Which involves Rufus jumping and catching snowballs, not the other way around. He’s pretty good at it, but if you don’t throw fast enough, you get tackled. Not that I read through the rules before play began, so I was a little slow at first. I caught on.  

The snow started melting even as we finished the final inning of ‘catch the snowball’. By early afternoon we were about snow free. 

And then things changed. Huge snow flakes started falling. Not everybody was pleased. Like this cardinal who seems to be saying, “WHAT?”

This red-eyed squirrel, who I call Demon Squirrel, was not all that thrilled with the new snow as he sat beneath the bird feeder snarfing up sunflower seeds. 

Rufus was HAPPY DAWG! 

A taste of the last of the last of winter? 

Cold Nose, Warm Heart! 

Kath who is waiting to see lots more of these daffodils. 


  1. Oh, I LOVE the Happy Dawg picture!

    1. Thank you. Yesterday we had rain, no snow, and Rufus went looking for the snow. Which clearly had been stolen!


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