Are We There Yet? Where’s Spring?

Are We There Yet? Where’s Spring? 
19 March 2014

When we lived in Tallahassee, March meant Spring and full blown azaleas! Spring was warmth and color. But it’s March in the Kentucky Bluegrass and there aren’t even any daffodils yet. This is the longest winter in our ten years here. Not that we haven’t had the random snow in April, but it’s mid March and no sooner does the snow melt down, than the weather guessers start muttering about more (like next Monday!). 

Anyway. I’m not the only one ready for Spring. This past Monday when I opened the front door  these three were staring at me. They didn’t say it aloud, but I knew what they were thinking, “This is your fault, all this snow. So hurry and get the corn out here so we can have breakfast!” 

As cranky as the deer were, our Foxhound Rufus was in heaven. He LOVES snow! Although I’m pretty sure he’ll love Spring when it is fully here. There’s nothing like his wide-eyed appreciation for life in general. 

The Prince Consort took Rufus to walk across the street. 

Not that many years ago, our subdivision was a collection of tenant farms, and there are treasures of all kinds to find on undeveloped lots. (Like the still over by one pond.) Rufus and TPC found a mysterious something in a sinkhole. It looks like some kind of farm machinery, maybe. A mystery we’ll delve into when the snow is gone, and we can scale down into the sink. 

Nikki Cat and I are on the lookout for SPRING. We’ve had enough of the wet icy white stuff. 


  1. It's been spring-like here for a few days -- enough to lure the forsythia in to bloom. And snow is predicted for tomorrow. I'm hoping it will be light. Love the pics of the kitty!.

    1. Thank you, Vicki. We started to see the barest bit of spring this weekend, and it's snowing now. Sigh.


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