Loves Snow, Will Snuffle

Loves Snow, Will Snuffle
26 February 2014

It snowed last night, one of those fluffy light central Kentucky snows. One member of our household was VERY happy. Our Foxhound Rufus Loves SNOW!!! So we bundled up and loaded Rufus into Dude, the minivan, and headed to the local park with fields full of snow to run in. (Dude was not nearly as happy as Rufus. For the first time since he emigrated from California, he had a space inside the garage, because my car, Ceit, was at the mechanic’s.) Out into the windy gorgeous cold day we sped. 

TPC and Rufus 
SNOW!!!  Run! Snow!  
 Snuffling the snow is very important for a hound. 
Very important to snuffle everywhere!

Around the pond. Plenty of running and snuffling to do. 
TPC and a tired Rufus, all the way around the pond. The snow was melting, so it was time to head  home. 

Kath who loves snow that melts into blue-skies and bright sunshine. 


  1. We once had an Akita who adored a deep snow. She would put her nose to the ground and play snow plow.

  2. LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! Love the snow plow! Hmmm. I wonder if I could teach Rufus that to help with the driveway?


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