For the Love of Chocolate and TPC

For the Love of Chocolate and TPC
21 February 2014

I plan ahead on certain things. Not book plots. For that I am what is known as a ‘panster’. I free write and let the characters tell me where we are going. But there are certain things you just cannot let happen as they will. You MUST control. And one of those is The Prince Consort’s Valentine’s chocolates. 

TPC had announced he had developed an appreciation of dark chocolates, so I ordered my favorite brand for his Valentine’s gift. And I ordered far ahead. Which would have been fine had there not been snow and ice and a delivery truck driver who refused to come down our driveway the Friday before Valentine’s. The chocolates would be redelivered on Monday. I grumbled and hoped the below zero temperatures would not damage the chocolates in their stay on the truck. But by Monday morning we had more ice and snow. No WAY was that delivery driver refusing to deliver again. 

TPC and I spent two hours clearing our hilly, curvy, icy drive. We were ready. 

The driver never slowed. We hopped in Dude, gunned up the road, and chased the miscreant down. Treasure clutched close, we hurried back in our house. Were the chocolates still good? We had to taste. And we had to taste every day until Valentine’s, five days away. 

Luckily after 2500 years or marriage, I knew us well enough to have ordered not just TPC’s personal-no-sharing Valentines, but an auxiliary taster box. We were covered. And TPC had his Valentine’s present. 

All that’s left is the bow, which the Gargoyle is wearing. I’m not sure if he’s happy to have such a jaunty hat, or snarky that he didn’t get any of the chocolates. Or waiting by the door in case another delivery happens to come down the drive.

Kath who happily got plenty of tasters. 


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