You are Sunrise Unique

You are Sunrise Unique
15 January 2014

God does not do clones. You are as unique as a sunrise. Every one of us is a gem un-reproduced anywhere, anytime. Everyone of us is beautiful whether we are golden or scarlet, folded into calm purple tones, or glowing with the promise of high hot energy. 

When The Prince Consort and i spent a week on the Gulf of Mexico, we got up early to enjoy the spectacular sunrises. You’d think after the first day we’d say we’d seen the show and we’d sleep late. But every single morning we were out in the pitch dark with the osprey who roosted next door to see the glorious brand newness of each day. Each day hour by hour was unique, just as each human is an absolutely individual treasure. 

First Morning
Dawn first morning.

We were not the only ones witnessing the glory.
Second morning.
Beginning a golden  second day. 

Third Morning
Third sunrise. The sun struggles past the cloud bank. 
Fourth morning. 

The sun catches up with the clouds.
Fifth morning
Fifth morning stunner.
Sixth morning. 
Sixth morning, a heron witnesses the sunrise. 

Kath: the sunrise this past Monday here in central Kentucky


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