We Have Winter

We Have Winter
22 January 2014

Living north of Florida with native Floridian The Prince Consort means living with someone whose nose is pressed to the window looking for snow every year by late November.

As of yesterday we have a happy TPC, as well as a happy Rufus. Rufus it turns out (though not a native Floridian) is just like his buddy, TPC. They both love snow. Although they have yet to go sledding. Yet. 

It started to snow Monday night. By dawn, we had winter.

TPC and Rufus went out in the snow. Rufus alerted for snow monsters. 

Like the plastic garden duck. 

Or the garden dragon.

This morning the sun was out, and there was lots more to check out.

 Like this doe and her fawn. (They’d had breakfast but were sticking around in case of brunch. I do the same thing.) 
Like this icicle hanging off the wild rose by the mail box.

Or the goldfinches intent on brunching/lunching … 

Or these two taking a sunflower seed break. 

Kath: who loves the snow too, and whose fingers have almost thawed out. Or will after she chases NikkiCat off the heating vent. 


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