Start Getting Ready: Suspecting the Dragons

Start getting ready
Suspecting the Dragons
2 January 2014

The office dragons played with my computer. I KNEW they weren’t just sitting there all innocent-like after I turned out the lights and went to bed. While I count on them for writing inspiration, they stepped it up. 

Apparently January 1st was Nag the Procrastinator Day. Yesterday morning, the day of the week I was supposed to be working on my blog and posting it, I was busy procrastinating. 

And then a message popped up on my laptop’s screen: ‘Start Getting Ready.’

I didn’t enter this message into my calendar app. I repeat, I Did Not set up this reminder. But somebody did. Nobody uses my computer except me. And before it is suggested that on New Year’s Eve, the night before, I might have celebrated too hard and thought this was a terribly clever reminder, I didn’t. Mea Culpa. I did overdose on cookies and lemon poppyseed loaf. But although I had thought about a glass of a very good Spanish wine, I got too caught up in desserts and watching Roman Holiday.  

At any rate, ‘Start Getting Ready’ popped up at 7:45 AM, and the message counted down to 8 AM. What? What was I getting ready for? 

I wondered all day. Could it be that I should be preparing for the day’s errands? Getting back to walking daily? The Prince Consort and I stopped power walking days before his open heart surgery last month. 

Was this a nag for me to Get ready to go back to dieting after slipping completely off ‘the wagon’ into Cheezits and Cherry Coke nirvana? I have a great excuse. I Cheezits away my anxiety in the waiting room during TPC’s surgery. Anyway, TPC and I are already eating better. TPC took the nutrition advice seriously, and we are eating a better diet with whole grains, veggies, lower fat and salt. ( And no Cheezits. Sigh.) 

Am I supposed to Get Ready to revise my Pansy Pants manuscript? Wait, that could be it. There is a dragon in Pansy Pants. A very cute, funny one. Hmmmm. Dragons nagging about a dragon tale. Fits.  

Well, it worked. Here I am posting my blog. A day late, but the dragons got their way.  And when TPC and I get back this morning from his post operation appointment with his heart surgeon, I’ll fire up Pansy Pants, and get writing about little Chester dr’gon (Chestomyous Fifth Principate, out of Cl’rncyous Fourth Principate,, Magnifcus Wyrms, Nation of Dr’gons). 

Kath who would like to point out this not so innocent group of dr’gons hanging out on my keyboard. 


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