Some Like it Hot

Some Like it Hot
30 January 2013

 It’s cold outside!!! Don’t get me wrong. I love all the seasons, and winter is a fascinating time to me. All the stark contrasts of browns and whites against startling blue skies. But I’m ready to think about something a little warmer than the sultry six degrees the back porch thermometer declared when I got up this morning. 

Yeah. I’m whining because I’ve fluffed up again (Cheezits and Cherry Coke Stress Diet since the day The Prince Consort had his open heart surgery) and I can’t go power walking. Too cold and too icy. I’m Snarky! Okay Snarkier!

Here’s my favorite place to walk, a few days ago. Hrumph! Ice on the water, ice on the trails.
So I turned on the time machine, and went back to Florida this past October when the living was easy, and the weather was perfect for fishing, walking, swimming, bird watching …. 
A warm Fall day begins. 
Not a snowflake, a dragonfly. 
crab in the warm shallow water off the pier. 
TPC fishing, in shorts. (Nice legs!) 
Another fisher, this one wading in the warm waters. 
Gulls ‘fished’ for bread pieces, which I threw to them. 
 After a long day of fishing in the warm waters, time to dry out the wings (Anhinga or Armpit bird?) 
I’m feeling warmer now, remembering the sultry endings to the mild days. 
Kath: who is now putting on enough layers to go OWT and provide breakfast to the critters who are staring through the front windows. 


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