“How cold is it?” the turtle asked.

“How cold is it?” the turtle asked. 
8 January 2014
A good question, while I sit wrapped in five layers of fashion-statement sweatshirts and long johns. How cold is it? Cold enough that The Prince Consort threw a mug of hot water into the air (yes, outdoors) and the water turned to snow before it hit the ground. Cold enough that I swear my breath turned to snow as I scattered cracked corn and sunflower seeds for the critters. Cold enough that the bird bath heater can only keep the first inch of water surrounding it in liquid form.

But I think the turtle (plastic water spitting type, not arctic turtle) in our homemade garden water fountain has a real grasp on how cold it is. 

It was warm enough for water to flow in December 2012, so not today’s kind of cold. 

Last Spring it was only sort of cold one March day. Cold enough for a turtle to stay low, but the water was still moving. 

The last few days the fountain water froze, and the turtle’s pump motor stopped. 
Apparently the motor stopped while the turtle was spitting. That’s cold. 
Kath, who refuses to let NikkiCat go OWT, even for bathroom breaks. . While they went fine during our warmer last winter, Kath is not testing in this bitter cold what NikkiCat might drag back inside attached to his bum, if liquids freeze on him like they did on the turtle. 


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