Merry Christmas Stocking


Traditions are everything. And one of the sweetest from my childhood was the Christmas stocking my mother knitted for each member of our family. On Christmas morning, our stockings always jingled like Santa’s sleigh as we unloaded the unshelled nuts from all over the world: Brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts. And the tangerines. Two was best. 

A few years before Mom died, when arthritis had stopped her from knitting, she gave me her prized stocking pattern. To celebrate this wondrous Christmas when The Prince Consort is home growing stronger every day, I give you my tradition, my fondest Christmas memory, the gift of this stocking pattern to knit into your own celebrations. 

Mom attached jingle bells at the tops, and knitted Santa’s beard from soft mohair. Oh! And she knitted our names next to the Merry Christmas at the stocking top.  Because I am not sure you will be able to read the patterns from the photos, if you wish the pattern in pdf form, please write me at, and I will send you the pdf. 

Kath who wishes you happiness and peace.  


  1. What a fantastic idea! But, um, do you also teach people to knit??? :)
    Still, I love that you shared your tradition!

    1. LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! No, I don't. I live in hope my daughter or nieces will learn.

  2. My boys had stockings like these -- their grandmother (a non-knitter) bought them at a craft fair.

    I hope your Christmas was excellent, Kath, and that your New Year will be the best yet.

    1. Thank you, Vicki! Part of the joy of this Christmas was reading your blog and sharing in the beauty of your traditions, your tree, and your kittens. For those who haven't enjoyed the spectacular photography you share each morning, here is Vicki's blog address


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