Who's Paranoid Now?

Who’s Paranoid Now 
6 November 2013

The fifth of our stay on the Apalachicola Bay, The Prince Consort was fishing off the dock, and i was lazing on a deck when a Goodyear blimp appeared. It floated from behind us and out into the bay.  No idea why or where it was going. 

UNTIL the next morning. Dude had a flat tire. The tire guys at Walmart found nothing wrong with the tire, other than it being flat. They said sometimes in the winter tires just go flat. TPC wasn’t buying that. And neither was I. 

I KNOW that blimp shot out Dude’s tire. Guess what brand of tire was available at the closest Walmart? You got it. Goodyear.  Uh huh!!! Dude was hunted and flattened by the Goodyear Blimp. 

Kath who may be paranoid, but may also be right! 


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