Rufus, Rufus, Rufus

Rufus Rufus Rufus
13 Nov 2013

Our Rufus, who we believe grew up as part of a hunting pack with no in the house human family time, has learned the ropes fast! I read that hounds would be lap dogs if they got a chance. When I went in the family room, I found The Prince Consort stretched on the couch with a certain Rufus stretched all over TPC. Forty-five pound lap dog. Hmmmm. 

From the first day we loaded Rufus in the van, Dude, to go to the pond to walk, Rufus was enchanted. This looking out the window thing was too cool for school. But he wasn’t safe, and neither was I. After about two trips in the car, it became apparent Rufus had been closely studying TPC and this driving thing. Rufus was sure he had it down, and it was his turn. So he started working on pushing me out of the passenger seat. Which is why he now rides in a travel crate. All males of every species should know better. ONLY wives drive from the passenger seat. 

Some people are mean and make Good Dogs ride in the back seat.

Rufus can multi task. Sniff and pee at the same time. Obviously one of the reasons dogs are superior to humans. 

TPC in his FSU Seminoles scarf. GO NOLES!!

We found out the hard way that Rufus loves snow! Yesterday we got the first snow of the winter. When we took him to the pond for his walk in the morning, all it took was opening the crate door, and Rufus would have been off like a shot! if TPC had not kept a hold of him.  Rufus went Wild! Not that he’s not already wild, which is why he’ll be enrolled in advanced individual dog training, (as in Rufus spends too much time under TPC’s seat at the group training class pretending he’s the ‘good boy’ who would never pull when walking or refuse to ‘sit’. Uh huh.)hopefully next week intensive one on one trainer.

Anyway, never let it be said that cats are the only ones smart enough to get even. When Rufus felt his walk in the snow had been cut short, he took quiet revenge. He chewed up the $$$leash we’d foolishly left on him in his travel crate. Lesson learned. But not the one Rufus was hoping for. We have a new sturdier leash, that will not be left unattended with the hound! 
But who can be mad at this Good Boy? 

Kath who spends a lot of time reassuring NikkiCat that the ‘Rufus-monster’ downstairs with Dad is not coming upstairs. 


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    1. Thank you so much for reading.

    2. Rufus is such a beauty! Hope your Thanksgiving was just right!

    3. Thank you so much. I hope your Thanksgiving was great.


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