The Case of the Missing Trick or Treaters

The Case of the Missing Trick or Treaters 
31 October 2013

Trick or Treat, smell my feet. Give me something sweet to eat ... or ...

We don’t get Trick or Treaters at our house. I have a variety of theories: First is the long dark driveway down to our house tucked in the spooky woods. 

More likely the NSA spied on me and released the fact that I ate all the Halloween treats two weeks ago and am considering handing out coupons for buying my books, if I ever get published. 

Or it could be the group that lives in my office:

Witch Hazel and Harold peer off the top of the bookcase.

Little Boo

Or it could be the welcoming Gargoyle at the front door. Nah.
Nikki says it’s him, because he’s big and scary. 

Kath: who suspects all of the above, and would have scarfed down the Halloween candy a lot slower if she’d remembered the Trick or Treaters weren’t coming.  


  1. We haven't had trick or treaters since my boys were young and we mothers organized driving the gang from house to house (miles apart) and ending up at one for supper. Out in the country where we are, no one expects trick or treaters... nowadays the kids mostly go to the nearby town where various merchants hand out treats.

    1. I've noticed that a number of the churches around us have Trunk or Treat in their parking lots. It's a different world.
      Thank you for reading. I enjoyed your Halloween short story on your blog soooo much!


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