Sunrise Sunset

Sunrise Sunset
 15 October 2013

I love the sky at sunrise and sunset. In our woods surrounded home, you’d think we’d not get a clear view of the sunrise or sunset. But, we do.

Sometimes it’s not the colors in the sky. Sometimes it’s the light through the trees.  

Sometimes it's the light creeping under the trees. 
Sunset out the back. 

 I remember when I was a child reading a book that described the sky as ‘sky blue pink’. 

Sometimes sunset is sky-blue-pink plus the echo of the burning gold beginning to the day. 


  1. Beautiful pictures -- and I remember sky blue pink too. I encountered it in a play we did in either Sunday School or Girl Scouts.

    1. Thank you. I think I read the 'sky blue pink' in an old story book that belonged to one of my parents. Now, I want to find it.


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