Snail Multi-Tasking

Snail Multi-Tasking
8 October 2013

On my way out to water porch plants, I spotted two tiny snails on a blue bottle. They were headed toward each other. I ran back into the house for my camera and fumbled around trying to locate the right lens. (Which I didn’t.) By the time I got back out to the porch, the snails were joined in a multi-tasking descent of the bottle. Obviously they are much better at handling two tasks at once than I am. I forgot all about watering the plants.  

Piggy back (or snail double-decker) ride. - darker snail atop lighter one-

Does this look like the top snail is critiquing the bottom guy?

Kath who still hasn’t found the macro lens. Sigh. 


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    1. I take it you think the snails are doing what TPC thought they were doing. Hmmm. Not just hitching a ride, huh?


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