It's a Boy!

It’s a Boy! 
30 October 2013

Rufus- BOY! 
Today is The Prince Consort’s birthday. Happy Birthday! And many many many more, or else! 
I’m not the only one happy that TPC has birthdays. A new member of our family is more than a little barking happy. 
We have been adopted by a Fox Hound. Rufus found us where we walk daily. He needed a home, and we needed his boundless energy and enthusiasm, not to mention love. 
Who's a Good Boy?
Two Good Boys! 
Happy Birthday, TPC  and your new best friend, 


  1. What a handsome pair of fellers! Happy birthday PC, and welcome home Rufus.

  2. Love pic #2 - what a sweet face! In pic #3 it looks like he's taking TPC on a brisk birthday walk! A great day for everyone.

    1. Thank you. He is a sweetie, and you are so right. Rufus walks Jim. Although class #2, tomorrow night at the 'dog' training, is about pulling. We're hoping that means we'll find out how to be the ones pulling instead of the pullers.

  3. What a handsome boy! I love hounds.

    1. Thank you. Class #2 tonight. Hope TPC and I learn a lot so we can be better pet parents!


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