Look Out, Cheezits and Pansy Pant’s Cellphone Cover

Look Out, Cheezits and Pansy Pant’s Cellphone Cover
15 May 2013

I don’t feel so well. Anxious eating got the better of me, and all the cold pizza and most of the first box of emergency Cheezits are gone. Who knew you needed to pace yourself on Cheezits? 

The CBAY Books Writing Contest voting site went live this morning.
 http://cbaybooks.com/info/?p=274  And will be up through May 30. 

If Pansy Pants & the Search for Magic wins, I could publish my first book!  

I voted. The Prince Consort voted. Professor Daughter voted. My wonderful friends and family voted. My sister asked how often she could vote. Apparently once and her cat’s vote was not counted, but that may have more to do with him sitting on the keyboard instead of selectively clicking on a single voting bubble.  

My cat, Nikki, is laying low in the basement. If that means he voted for one of the other books .... never mind. There’s no way I can threaten a cat that I won’t live to wildly regret. 

For those of you who have read the sample chapters of Pansy Pants & the Search for Magic (http://cbaybooks.com/info/?p=247) you know Pansy is poor. And she is Creative! Mostly the second. Pansy does not have a cellphone of her own, so when I whined about how ugly my khaki green rubber cover was, she gave me an Arts and Crafts lesson. 

At the hobby store I picked up the plastic owl charm in the jewelry making aisle. ( 40% off with a coupon) In the grocery store I found the ‘diamond’ fingernail decals in the cosmetics aisle. A little glue and Voila’ from plain to: 

Kath who is wondering if there’s a Cheezits Anonymous group for out of control anxiety Cheezits eaters. 


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