It’s Not All About Me? Fire Within

It’s Not All About Me? Fire Within
14 May 2013

Shock alert. It’s not all about me. Really. Today it’s about my friend,  critique partner, and amazing author: Ally Shields ( .  Last year, for Mother’s Day she got her first book contract from Etopia Press. And during the last year, Etopia re-proved their genius by buying more of Ally’s Guardian Witch series. 

In time for this year’s Mother’s Day, Ally’s second Guardian Witch book, Fire Within,  is now out in paperback as well as ebook. (available through Amazon, soon Barnes & Noble,  and eventually to be listed at the Book Depository-which ships free worldwide with no minimum purchase).

Now why do I have to have the paperback versions in addition to the ebooks? (I guess this is about me after all. Huh?) Because I can take the paperback to the beach (Except The Prince Consort grew up in Miami and HATES the beach.) or the lake (TPC loves fishing, so we do go to the lake. Wait. This is once again veering off being about me. Hmmm.) 

 I’m buying my lake copy as soon as I post this blog. Despite having read the drafts, I am completely addicted to the main character, Ari, and her hunky love interest, Andreas. Is it hot in here or what? Oh, yeah. That’s the other reason I like having Ally’s books in paperback. I don’t want my iPad to burst into flame lusting over Andreas.

If you didn’t get a gift card for Mother’s Day, Ally has set up a Goodreads giveaway! 

Kath: Who is headed out to the lake today for fishing and relaxing, without Cheezits. Although if I take my paperback Awakening the Fire instead of my iPad, I’d have room for Cheezits in my boat bag. 

Tomorrow public voting opens for the CBAY Books Middle Grade contest. 


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