The Tax Dodgers and I

The Tax Dodgers and I                                                                                                                
2 April 2013

It’s that time of year. Tax season. I started working on my taxes yesterday and almost finished today. My head didn’t actually explode, but it was close. 

I may be the only one filling out tax forms. 

This is NikkiCat’s signature. 

These guys are hiding until it’s all over.  

These guys took the first flight out. 

This guy would run from the tax man if he could get the door open. 

This guy says, “Come and get me! Really, come on into my web!” 

This guy, well, he’s not sure. Will the tax guy take payment in cow patties? 

Bat idea to just sleep through tax season?  

These turkeys really don’t pay taxes. And they’re proud of it.

These two are concerned I won’t have money for their breakfast after I pay my taxes. 

Kath: We’ll see. Sigh  


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  2. I feel your pain -- my head wants to explode when I spend a day getting our information together to hand over to our tax preparer.


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