10 April 2013

So I am Be-Jabbered. I can’t think. I can’t write, but I can do a lot of other stuff. Busy work, which I need to do while I wait. I’m waiting to hear if the six weeks I spent revising my entry into the CBAY publisher’s contest is good to go. It’s down to me and two other finalists in the Middle Grade division of the contest. In May samples of our book manuscripts go online for public voting. The winner might get a book contract!! 

No pressure here. 

While I wait, I’m trying to Not eat all the Cheezits and chocolate in the house. It’s not just that my diet has fallen on hard (or salty and sweet) times. I’m uber anxious. Which for me is the trigger for eating. Along with a change in the ambient temperature and a number of other earth-shaking events like being able to zip my jeans without the pliers. Or having lost the pliers that are strong enough to grab that #%$%^$%^ zipper and drag it closed as I lie on the floor. (Skinny folks lie on the bed to zip up jeans. Skinny folks can also leave the house for more than two hours. Fluffy folks have to return home for potty breaks, because I refuse to lie on the floor of a public restroom to zip up my jeans, or explain myself to the other patrons.) 

While I wait: I spent hours cleaning and arranging the glassware back in the cabinet now that the kitchen re-fresh is complete. Here’s a photo of the fancy new pantry doors. TPC arranged the pantry all by his lonesome. It’s extra organized. I can find stuff, and so can TPC. This may be a first in our 10,000 years of married life. 
While I wait: I tackled the taxes, got everything printed out, saved to pdf, and mailed. Done. Ouch. But done. 

While I wait: I got a wild hair (pun meant) and had my hair cut shorter than usual. Which would have been a lot more fun if my haircutter had her own box-o-wine like the cutter two stations down. 

While I wait: The Prince Consort and I went to Lowe’s twice in the last three days for gardening stuff. Like these Violas. I have a black thumb, so check back in a month to see if these Violas are survivors. 

While I waitL I was only too glad to go to the lake yesterday. 

While I wait, I am Be-Jabbered and luckily TPC has lots of ideas for stuff to do. 
Kath: Be Jabbered


  1. The editor is going to love your stuff!

  2. Thank you for your confidence, Connie!

  3. Oh, the anxiety! (Your kitchen looks Mah-velous!)

  4. Thank you, Vicki. The refresh was just enough to make the kitchen function so beautifully. Now that we can see what's in the pantry, maybe we'll end up with fewer cans of mushrooms.


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