Sleeping in the Kitchen

Sleeping in the Kitchen

First. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone. Although my ancestors hot footed it for America hundreds of years ago, I’m still as proud as can be of the Irish in me. 

Now to the sleeping in the kitchen stuff. I’m either going to have to take my sleeping bag into the kitchen or set up a security camera. A saboteur hit our kitchen this past week. And The Prince Consort is at the top of the Suspects List. 

The kitchen redo is close to finished, but apparently TPC and Contractor Chris have been discussing what a shame it was that I was too cheap to get a new shiny stainless refrigerator. Mind, the old refrigerator, like myself, was still working. So why, like myself, should it be replaced just because it’s not the newest model?  

Well, imagine the shock. Wednesday night the old refrigerator ceased to refrigerate, retired, went on strike, quit. Moment of silence, here. 

I’ll give TPC points for trying to look dismayed. But his eyes were shining like he was a jack-o-lantern lit up for Halloween. He was going to get that new refrigerator. 

I never learn my lessons. I swear I don’t. As we drove to the appliance store, I made another of my pronouncements. When we went recliner hunting last year, I proclaimed whatever we bought would definitely NOT have a cup holder. Yes. The new recliner has TWO cup holders. So did I keep my pronouncements to myself on the new refrigerator? I did not. As we drove, I promised we were not going to buy the refrigerator with the silly pizza box slot. 

Yes. Big Boy has a pizza box slot and more bells and whistles than I could imagine. Thankfully, unlike my washer and dryer (Beebop and Tweet), Big Boy cannot make his own repair phone calls. My phone bill is high enough. 

TPC and I had a serious discussion on the life expectancy of the old and perfectly good dishwasher and wall oven. They’d better not experience an unexpected demise. 

To insure their safety from possible saboteurs, I’m thinking I should sleep in the kitchen. Just setting up a security camera wouldn’t be good enough. TPC would bribe NikkiCat to climb up and spray paint the camera lens. And voilá  I’d have no proof and a new dishwasher.  

Kath: Defluffing update- still at the same weight loss as before Christmas. 27 pounds. I need to get the last 7 off, but pizza stored in Big Boy and baked in the oldie goldie oven are ... an obstacle. 


  1. I guess I need to get out more -- I've never seen a refrigerator with a pizza slot.

  2. LOL. Vicki, if the pizza box slot had generated pizzas instead of just holding the box upright and uncrushed, I'd have never been skeptical.


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