Kitchen Reno: Find the Indoor Swimming Pool and the Frog

Kitchen Reno: Find the Indoor Swimming Pool and the Frog
3 March 2013

The kitchen got phase one of its update this week. The Prince Consort and I weren’t looking for a TV type transformation, jut a little prettier and mostly more practical. Okay, the practical argument was the excuse for the pretties. And it’s PRETTY! 

 Here’s the kitchen before with nice granite tile countertops, a too small two bowl sink, and an electric cooktop.

And of course the glass tile backsplash we put in all by ourselves a year ago. 

End of day one and 
the tile countertops and sink are gone. I checked. The wine was still in the house. 

Here’s the new gas cooktop waiting to be fitted in. 

TADA!!! New countertops that have magic shiny blue, gold, and green flashes of color. This beautiful granite is called Volga Blue, from Ukraine, like our genius granite experts Alex and Alex. 

See the blue sparks in the Volga Blue granite? 

TPC demonstrates, ala Vanna White, his BIG sink. Our contractors were sure we could wash a pretty big dog in this sink, Newfoundland size. I think I finally got my indoor pool. 

Phase two: enlarging the pantry closet, adding interior lighitng, and hanging new doors, should start this week. TPC and Contractor Chris have conspired. The pair came up with a scheme to keep me from putting my frog lamp on the new fancy countertops. Contractor Chris is hunting dimmable interior lighting for the pantry closet. He and TPC plan on using the lighting through the new translucent doors for a night light. And voila’ no need for my frog lamp. Guess which two guys are a lot more transparent than the new doors? 

Kath: who is excited about the kitchen reno, and completing my first pass on the ms. for the contest while TPC and Contractor Chris conspire. 


  1. Very nice. Love the granite, and the backsplash looks good with it!

    Thumbs up on the progress with the manuscript, too!

  2. BEEEutiful! But where are the boatmen? (Volga) And If I bring Annie, will you give her a bath in your indoor pool?
    Also big congrats on finishing the first pass on that winning ms.

  3. Thank you, Ally. It seems to me I can sit and admire the kitchen, work the next draft of the ms., and read the second book of your Guradian Witch series when it comes out March 8.

    And I might even get fed at the same time!

  4. THank you Connie. Of course we'll bathe Annie in the indoor pool. And then we'll get about 20 of the neighbors and hold down and wash Nikki cat!
    Thank you about the first pass on the ms. I hope it's the winning ms. I so want to be a published author and have a book like your Finders Magic.

  5. Oh, my! How elegant! It's gorgeous!

  6. Thank you so much, Vicki. It's a treat visually, but honestly the gas cooktop and efficient sink have made a small kitchen a real pleasure to cook in.

  7. Ooh - do tell if you are happy with the cooktop and what brand it is. We are designing our kitchen renovation now!

  8. We are ecstatic over the kitchen redo. The cooktop is a Wolf, and we love love love it. In addition to a setting so low you can put a paper towel on the burner and not have it burn (good for melting chocolate or other fragile cooking), it has nice bright red lighting around the knobs to remind these two old codgers that the burners are ON!!!

    Thank you for reading, Edith.

  9. I can't seem to find you on Facebook - feel free to connect with me there! Edith Maxwell and


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