Skunks Rule! Ground Hogs Drool!

Skunks Rule! Ground Hogs Drool!
26 February 2013

So much for the Pennsylvania Ground Hog who predicted the USA would have an early spring. Kentucky’s more accurate version of a Spring predictor, a pretty little skunk, foretold more winter.  And from the snow falling from Texas through the Midwest, I’d say, “Skunks Rule!” 

While today is warm wet tornado breeding winter here in the Blue Grass region of Kentucky, my friend, Ally Shields (,), lives in Iowa where she’s not getting the mere one inch of snow the weather guessers predicted last night. She’s in a near white-out. The Midwest is getting socked with what? WINTER! 

This morning Ally warned me NOT to brag about lake weather, if we were still getting it here today. We’re not. But yesterday it was clear, sunny, cool, with not too much wind. So The Prince Consort and I went to the lake to soak up sun and give the fish a good laugh. (The fish finder thingy on our bass boat showed loads of snarky fish beneath us. It might be my imagination, but I thought I saw those $#%$^%^ fish giving us the ‘one digit salute’. Certainly not one of them bothered to even tug on TPC’s line.)

When we moved to the Blue Grass everyone said if you didn’t like the weather, wait fifteen minutes. While I’ve heard people say the same thing in the 26 other places I’ve lived, Kentucky is where it’s skunks’ honor really truly true! 
My photos from this month: February. The weather bounced from clear and warm to snowy and back again.  
One day it’s This: 

The next it’s This: 

(The sun brings out all kinds of turkeys. Some wearing red coats and jeans that were unwearable pre-Defulffing.)  

I’m sticking with the KY skunk’s predictions on winter. It’s not over until it’s over. I remember too well the ice storm we had one April a few years ago. 

Kath: who has out her rain coat, sunglasses, and warm red coat and lined boots.


  1. You're too kind. Nothing like I see in your new photos. Going to use them for the next CM Fleming book cover?

  2. Great photos! I love the deer. (BTW, still snowing here.) :)

  3. Thank you. Sorry it's still snowing. Keep warm. The deer come each morning when they hear me rattle to container with the corn in it. Mostly does, but one baby buck who comes the closest to get his pile first.

  4. Really love the picture of the turkeys in the snow!

  5. Thank you, Vicki. Today it's snowing again. Only the deer showed up for breakfast.


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