Procrastination vs. Procrastination

Procrastination vs. Procrastination
18 February 2013

Nine years ago The Prince Consort and I bought this house and made a To Do list. While nine years is not my record for procrastination, it comes close. So nine years ago the kitchen figured Big on our To Do list: a gas cooktop, new countertops without grout lines, a single bowl sink, and a faucet that arced high enough that I wouldn’t smash All of our glassware. 

A year ago we did the backsplash. But that wasn’t even on the list. Just a wild extra idea I got due to an overdose of HGTV. 

And then came along the publisher’s writing contest I finaled in. I have six weeks to revise and polish my manuscript before the judging. That’s fine. Except TPC and I are experts at procrastination: Let’s go to the lake. Let’s go see that new movie. Let’s reorganize the basement. (Okay, the last is pretty much a fantasy that belongs on the To Do List with little hope of Been Done.) 

So we needed a project that would keep TPC completely absorbed while I wrote. And something I’d keep my nose out of. (Yeah, me stay out of anything.) Well, there is one thing I give up control over gladly-cooking. 

Remembering how seamlessly the deck addition went when TPC oversaw that, I hit on an idea! NOW. Do the kitchen NOW. Put TPC, the real cook in the family, in charge. 

So we called the contractor. Threw our nine year procrastination into the battle against my urge to procrastinate. TPC picked out his dream gas cooktop, single bowl sink, and faucet. I got to pick out the granite countertops. 

We went to the granite yard our contractor recommended. I told the lady, no blue, no green, no black. And we strolled. Of course it took one glance for me to fall wildly in love.  

Black with mica bits that shine blue and green depending on the light. It looks like a black abalone shell. Of course I love it. 

We hope the work will start next week, fingers crossed. in the mean time I have indeed been writing while TPC takes care of the Procrastination kitchen. 

Nikki who wants the pantry doors replaced with Cat friendly doors that allow unlimited kibble access. 

Kath: who has to stand on a step stool to get high enough up over the counters to see the blue and green fire, but WILL! 


  1. Not only are you making your procrastination work for you, but you're getting a new kitchen, too. Win-win!

  2. LOL! THank you for reading, Ally. Either this is the most expensive writing contest ever or a heck of an investment. :)

  3. When you book comes out, you can let TPC cook a celebration feast in your new kitchen. Yes, Ally,it is a win-win & maybe win deal.

    1. Your lips to God's ear, and the publisher. I love the celebration feast idea!!

  4. What gorgeous granite! Now get back to that writing!

  5. Thank you, Vicki. I swear I have been writing. And in between waiting for the granite.


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