What Were They Thinking? What Was I Thinking?

 What Were They Thinking? What Was I Thinking?
13 January 2013

I love billboards. Honestly, people put the funniest stuff up on them. This first was so gob-smacking that at first I couldn’t believe it and missed my chance to snap a photo. But The Prince Consort circled the block in busy traffic so I got the shot. 

I don’t know what this hamburger is upset about. Cinnamon rolls never make me angry. 

And duh. Of course kids wee. My parents claimed as children my sister and I hit every restroom in every state of the union. 

If I ordered the combo and then had to take out a loan to pay for it . . . I’d be the Angry whopper. 

But the billboards have no monopoly on “WHAT!?”
 I got this GENIUS idea to move the baker’s rack into my tiny crowded closet to create organization. The Prince Consort removed the closet door to get the rack inside. Which should have been a red flag. We wedged the rack in and got the closet door back on its hinges. Now the door cracks opens about twelve inches. I can just squeeze in. Which means I not only have to continue the DeFluffing and get the next nine pounds off, but I can’t even stand close to chocolate or Cheezits for fear of calories sloughing off onto me. My clothes are being held prisoner by my Bright idea. 

Of course the closet is a one time- “What was I Thinking?”, I hope. I have repeaters. Like taking photos of the inside of my pocket with my iPhone, not to mention mistakenly taking videos which feature me saying over and over, “Not again! How do I turn this off?” 

 And then there’s this iPad camera self portrait. Which, yes, followed another of those, “Is the video camera on? Where’s the button? WHERE”S the #%%$^ button? ” 

Kath who is not on good terms with her iPhone or iPad. 


  1. Actually, I quite like your self portrait.

  2. Thank you, Vicki. That's high praise from someone who takes the gorgeous photos you share on your blog!


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