DeFluffing Through the Holidays

DeFluffing Through the Holidays
6 January 2013

I need to thank my friend Annette for giving me the idea for today’s blog. THANK YOU!  You’re one of the beautiful women I know who don’t need to Defluff, no matter what your mirror seems to say. And I’m a little sorry about getting that witch to enchant your mirror so you think you do. Not that I’m jealous and did it out of some kind of mean snarkiness. (Yeah. Right.)  

Since June, I’ve been using an app on my iphone, ipad, and Mac, to journal the food I eat, the exercise I get, and the pounds I’ve lost in the DeFluffing. Guilt is my friend, and MyFitness Pal (FREE!! Which is exactly the right price for a cheapskate like me.) has been my conscience. Guilted me with end of the day messages that projected weight if I kept eating a blue whale’s weight in chocolate and pretended I’d only had one York Peppermint Patty.

MFP works. Well, pretty much. Until the Holidays. I regained a pound. Not a travesty.

There are some feline skeptics in the family about that. 

Professor Daughter’s cat, Harper, always protects her food when I visit. 

My Nikki Cat got up close and personal on the kitchen counter, to deliver his opinion on slackers who eat too much. (Like I’d ever poach his chipmunk appetizers, unless they were Cheezits stuffed.) 

And then, remembering the photo that started me on my DeFluffing,

 Nikki Cat modeled a good looking butt on someone who can be trusted NOT to hide all the chocolate and eat it in the closet. 

 Kath: guilty as charged.


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