Cat on Drugs, His Feline Imperial Highness, Tsar Nicholas

Cat on Drugs, His Feline Imperial Highness, Tsar Nicholas
21 January 2013

Addictions are a terrible thing. 
The Prince Consort has to have his chocolate fix. (See photo of TPC’s version of doling out chocolate so that it lasts more than one day. The bowl was full last night, and here’s today’s chocolate ration. Like we won’t be driving into town to the local chocolate pusher.) 

At Christmas, Santy Claws brought catnip treats to our formerly “clean” NikkiCat (Tsar Nicholas).  

His Feline Imperial Highness is  hooked. 
Now NikkiCat requires treats mixed in his morning kibble. Because it mellows him out. Or makes his tongue grow incredibly really amazingly long. Or both. 

After breakfast His Feline Imperial Highness, NikkiCat, wobbles outside to run his perimeter check. 

Establish dominance over the bird feeder tree. Push, NikkiCat, push. Those #%$%%^ birds will fall out of the feeder, someday. 

Next comes tree staring, while the venison escapes.  

Kath: NikkiCat’s pusher.


  1. The picture of his tongue is hilarious!

  2. WAste not want not! Thanks for reading, Jan.

  3. We once had a cat who got so mellow on 'nip that he rolled off the porch while he was stretching.

  4. LOL!!! I don't think I'll share that with HFIH NikkiCat.
    I have noticed his appetite has picked up. If he starts dragging a brownie mix out of the pantry, I'm going to suspect he's gotten something more than catnip going.


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