Ready for Christmas?

Ready for Christmas? 
19 December 2012 

People keep asking me if I’m ready for Christmas. Despite the ‘deer in the headlights’ look on my face, they seem to expect me to say, “Yes.”  

Good luck with that. But okay. I can get this under control. Here’s how I’ll handle it:

Cleaning for the Holidays:
Get invited to someone else’s house. 

Decorating for Christmas:
This one’s a bit tricky, but I have a plan. NikkiCat, all nearly twenty pounds of him, is going to take care of this. First I’ll recruit the neighbors. I’ll need a couple dozen minimum to hold NikkiCat down and wrestle him into his Christmas Sweater. Since NikkiCat’s going to sit in the window drooling for the cardinals anyway, he can decorate by wearing his festive attire. 

Cooking for Christmas:
Really? Isn’t the gist of this apparent yet? I’ll get out the catalogs and order. Cookies, ham, candy.  Thankfully we’re invited to Professor Daughter’s house and The Prince Consort and PD are cooking!!! YAY! Everybody eats well. 

Gift Giving for Christmas:
See ‘Cooking for Christmas’ (catalogs plus online wish lists). At least this year I didn’t do advance torturing to get hints from Professor Daughter and The Prince Consort. I took the hard line, and made decisions. With return receipts. 

Christmas cards:
This one was pure genius. I piled the unsigned Christmas cards, stamps, return labels, and address cards of friends and family on The Prince Consort’s desk. To catch his attention, I turned on his lamp. If he keeps ignoring my subtle hints, I’ll see if that ‘flasher’ device on the Christmas lights string will work on the lamp.  

Christmas Spirit: 
This one I’ll handle myself. Now. 

Dear God, 
This year I’m asking for a huge gift. In addition to asking You to lift up my friends and family, I’m asking You to help my heart. 

This is the big one. Please help me live every single day from now onward as if it was Christmas. Please help me every day to find a way to be kind, to be helpful, to be loving, to be giving, to see Your beautiful creations everywhere and to work to add to them. To treat others as Your special gifts. To honor Your love. 

Today, I saw Your Covenant in a rainbow around the sun. Just as Your Covenant promises your love to us, please help me every day see Your rainbows in front of me and be the best me I can be. 
Genesis 9:11-17


  1. A beautiful Christmas wish - and one that shouldn't be so very hard for you to fulfill! Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you, Jan. Merry Christmas to you!

  3. Hoping your lovely Christmas wish comes true!

  4. Thank you, Vicki. The best to you!


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