Thanksgiving: Cat’s Eye View

Thanksgiving: Cat’s Eye View
26 November 2012

This year The Prince Consort and I enjoyed Thanksgiving at our daughter’s home. YUM!! I saved up my calories for the big day. And it was DELICIOUS! Professor Daughter’s Co-Regent did the cooking. He’s one great cook! C-R turned me into a brussels sprouts fan! The Prince Consort is still gobsmacked about that. Our fabulous meal ended with one of Professor Daughter’s amazing pies, pumpkin. Like I said, YUM. 

TPC and I were not the only ones looking forward to this feast. Professor Daughter’s beloved cat, Harper (Yes, named for the famous author, Harper Lee), had her eye on the prize. 

Recently Harper renewed her interest in being in the kitchen anytime Professor Daughter or Co-Regent were. Because Harper is a tiny lady Maine Coon Cat and easily stepped on, a little stool was placed in the center of the kitchen so that tiny Harper could safely supervise. 

And she did. 

While C-R was finishing the dishes in the kitchen, and Professor Daughter was setting the table,  Harper positioned herself in the dining room. She knew where the goodies were going. 

Of course Harper got bits of turkey all through the meal, but afterwards came the real treat. Little-Miss-I’ll-Watch-the-Birds-through-the- Window- thank-you-very- much, found her inner lion. If Professor Daughter had not won the tug of war for the turkey carcass, it was headed downstairs to Miss Harper’s basement lair. 

But tummy full, and no chance of another turkey landing anywhere near, Miss Harper did what the rest of us did. 
She power napped. 

Kath: who reluctantly returned home and back to her DeFluffing ( 24.5 pounds lost all total), with memories of one of the best Thanksgiving Feasts ever dancing in her head. 


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