No Breakfast in Bed

No Breakfast in Bed
12 November 2012

See this cat? He’s a CAT! That means it doesn’t matter how much you lecture. How much you bribe. How much you plead. He is going to do what he wants. PERIOD! 

So despite having the NO MICE IN BED discussion with Nikki months ago, he did it again. Of course it’s my fault. I woke him when I couldn’t sleep last night and turned on the light to read. So he got off the bed. I thought to eat kibble in the kitchen. But a minute later he was back with food. Furry mouse type food. I swept him off the bed. 

And stuck my fingers into my ears while he ate the crunchy mouse. Apparently not enough of a breakfast, he poked around the room for another hour until he knocked over a screen. 

So I decided demonstration was the best lesson. I set up this bed tray to make the point: You can eat kibble out of this cup, but only the toy mice are allowed on the bed, even if you bring your own plate and tray. 

He checked it out, ate a couple of crunchies, not mice, and left with that cat-attitude that says, “Where’s the napkin and wine?”

Kath: who may not sleep tonight, and who is holding at 23 pounds lost on the Defluffing because SHE does not eat breakfast in bed, crunchy or not. 


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